Most of my content is written in Dutch, a language that is spoken by approx. 20 million people.. as I love to share my content with the other 7,5 billion people in the world I decided to start writing in English too.. 🙂

Below you can find my first articles in English! Don’t worry, there are coming more soon!

Eataly, Milan’s food walhalla!

Imagine a place full of Italy’s best food products and cuisine… getting hungry already? If you are looking for the best Italian products to buy and for a place to taste top wines and good pizzas, then you should definitely visit Eataly! Grocery shopping in Italy is more than a simple activity, it is a… Lees verder Eataly, Milan’s food walhalla!

7 unique things to do in Milan

The Duomo, the Scala and the beautiful Sempione Park are the first places that will come up in your mind when thinking about Milan. Most people limit their visit to see just the centre area where these main hotspots are located, which is a shame as Milan has so much to offer! In this post,… Lees verder 7 unique things to do in Milan

Top 15 things to see in Milan

Milan is a very dynamic city and since the Expo in 2015, it is getting more visitors than ever! Hard to believe but this year Milan has more visitors than the eternal city Rome according to a study ‘Global Destinations Cities Index’ of MasterCard! Over 7,6 Million people visited Milan in 2016! Milan has much… Lees verder Top 15 things to see in Milan