” Starbucks  has hit the spiritual home of the espresso ” wrote the Guardian  when Starbucks after years of consultations, finally opened its doors in Milan.

An almost historic event if you believe the international and national press. It is not nothin ‘, an American coffee chain known for its large mugs weak coffee with lots of milk and muffins, who comes to Italy, the land of the perfect espresso and frothy cappuccinos. What are we here with a Starbucks? CCN even wondered: Is Starbucks the end for Italian coffee? Not surprising that Starbucks until 2018 its first store in Italy opens.

No simple Starbucks but a Reserve Roastery

The US coffee giant says it is ” the best Starbucks in the world ” is. Housed in a 2300 square meter old post office in Piazza Cordusio, not far fro the Duomo. The location alone, is worth to visit Starbucks. Chief designer Liz Muller, Starbucks Starbucks like this create a “premium” experience that is different than we are used to in Italy. The use of different brewing techniques and a room to stay longer, relax and enjoy a cup of coffee. In Italy, every year more than 6 billion espressos consumed, but this ritual is often very short and is performed standing in a small neighborhood café. Such a quick cup of espresso but also costs € 1 to 1.20.

The Roastery Starbucks has a nice big terrace outside where you can enjoy between the palm and banana trees in your coffee. Inside there are several rooms, so you can order your coffee in the premium coffee and bakery Princi also can order a location where you pastries and sandwiches. Starbucks also has a space for aperitivo, tasty cocktails in a cozy setting. In short, plenty to do.

Regular Starbucks

Besides the spectacular Roastery store, Starbucks has recently opened three other “normal” Starbucks stores. The interiors of the new Starbucks in Milan designed with purpose down the traditional culture of design and fashion in Italy. The new Starbucks on Corso Garibaldi, for example, an espresso bar in a contemporary Milanese style. Marble alternates with wood and brass elements, typical of Italian architecture, all made by Italian craftsmen.

Whether it is a success, the Starbucks invasion in Milan? I have my doubts, I think when the novelty is off, the Milanesi will quickly bored. But fortunately for Starbucks remain many tourists still fixedly like a tray like American coffee!

Opening hours

Starbucks is open every day from 07:00 until 22:00.

Where can you find a Starbucks?

Roastery Store :

Piazza Cordusio 3

  • Cordusio Metro stop (red line)
  • Walking distance from the Duomo

For more information click  here .

Starbucks Garibaldi:

Corso Garibaldi, Piazza XXV  Aprile. 

  • Metro stop Garibaldi / Moscova
  • Walking distance from Brera

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